Who is Ansmann?
Here's Your Chance To Save Money On Batteries!
Who is Ansmann Rechargeables?
Ansmann is a leading German-based mobile energy company that specializes in rechargeable technology. Now you can try them -- for FREE!
Tired Of Buying Batteries?
Our batteries can be used up to 1000 times, year after year. They work just like throw-away batteries and are great for wireless mouse and keyboards, game controllers, remotes, and other portable electronics.
Why Are These Free?
We know that once you try our batteries, you'll see how easy it is to save money on batteries for your other gadgets!  So here's a "head start" to saving money on batteries for the next five years.  It's is our way of introducing Ansmann
(pronounced aahns - man) to America.  All you pay is $4.27 for shipping.
Do You Have Any Of These Household Items?
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Ansmann Rechargeables work perfect with all these electronics.  Get your free battery kit today and stop throwing batteries -- and money -- away! Use each Ansmann battery up to 1000 times